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Originally posted on tumblr (link)
O Ou'i arkavrohki laui azuya!
I wish you a happy birthday!
Literally “I - you - creation day - happy - wish”

Alternative: O Ou arkavrohki laui azuya-pa!
I wish your birthday is happy!
Literally “I - your - creation day - [happy  wish]-is!

A shorter alternative: Arkavrohki laui

#matoranlanguage #matoran #bionicle #organic #language #linguistics #worldbuilding #happybirthday #birthday

Originally posted on tumblr (link)

akrode [n.] promise (from akukha (to show/make known) and rode (truth))

akrodya [v.] to promise (from akukha (to show/make known), rode (truth) and the verbal marker -ya)

akrodui [adj.] promised (from akukha (to show/make known) and rodui (true))

Onua Akrodui, the Promised Land

nuhrii-flaming helped out a bit. It only took an hour and six minutes!

#matoranlanguage #matoran #bionicle #organic #language #linguistics #worldbuilding 

Originally posted on tumblr (link)
boano |n.| organ (from bo (elemental plant-life; the Green; 2. living, growing, thriving), ahu (life) andno (Protodermis; substance)
boanu |adj.| organic (from bo (elemental plant-life; the Green; 2. living, growing, thriving), ahu (life), no(Protodermis; substance) and the adjectival marker -ui -u to distinguish it from the noun. The omission of -o from no is to avoid an extra syllable.)
boanurhu |adj.| inorganic (from boanu (organic) and the negation particle -rhu.)
bokahano |n.| muscle (from bo (elemental plant-life; the Green; 2. living, growing, thriving), ka (power, energy, non-elemental ), ahu (life) and no (Protodermis; substance)
boleano |n.| lung (from bo (elemental plant-life; the Green; 2. living, growing, thriving), le (air), ahu (life) andno (Protodermis; substance)

Some words I came up with along with nuhrii-flaming. He came up with most of it, but I made bokahanu, except he rearranged the “ka” element.
#matoranlanguage #matoran #bionicle #organic #language #linguistics #worldbuilding 

copyrighteddotcomplz seal for my art. Please do not reuse.

Please read the whole text below, so you don't assume what I'm talking about just from the title.
I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. It’s something that really bugs me, really bothers me. People never talk about jobs and occupations in alien cultures or worlds, or any fictional worlds, when they talk worldbuilding, when it, at least to me, is one of the most important aspects of a world. An alien species will have it different in their world, and so they will have different jobs than us, at least to some degree maybe. Like, if they have catterpillars that leave red residue, maybe they use that residude to create some kind of dye. Or maybe it’s something even more bizzare, or creative, imaginative. People just never talk about the jobs and occupations. Or would it fall under social activity? It really baffles me that it’s never really come up in any worldbuilding discussions… Some people talk about how your social status in an alien world depends on your job or something, but that’s not helpful haha. We all know it does,. It does in our world. Why wouldn’t it in other worlds? It’s more interesting to explore what kind of jobs aliens or fictional species of any genre. WIth different tech, environments, with different flora and fauna that has characteristics not seen in Earth fauna and flora, jobs and occupations, and the things you need to do to live, or be comfortable, or earn money or respect or whatever, is different. This applies to both alien species in science fiction or races in fantasy. I’ve been wishing that they would discuss this on the Writing Excuses podcast, which I follow religiously ( it’s great, you need to listen to it, like, now). My friend, and science fiction writer Joe Kawano said I could write a guest blog post about this on his site, but I don’t know if I’m really qualified to do it, since I’ve written a lot less than probably most of the people in the group. I practically haven’t written anything since I was 17, though, except a few opening texts in a writing course at the school I just graduated from. But I hope I made the gears in all of your heads spin.

I can think of a few instances of jobs/occupations in fictional worlds, one being in The Legend of Korra where the firebenders use their lightning sub ability to shoot electricity into some kind of generators, presumably using them to power something, or maybe the entirety of Republic City. Another one is the many occupations of Matoran in Bionicle, like mask making, carving stone into sculpture or signs etc., but most of their jobs are inspired by human work.


Lukas S.


~Lukas Sprehn
Artist (Aspiring writer) | Student | Literature

Hello, welcome to my user page on deviantART. I am an aspiring writer who focuses on a variety of genres, like science fiction, fantasy, mystical, mythical, science fantasy etc. I am not a great writer yet, but I will do my best to try and grow in experience. And who knows? Maybe one day I will be called the greatest. Though that is not really most important to me. That would be creating the stories that fill me people with emotions, and satisfy my own artistically needs. It does not have to be called the greatest literature to be the greatest. You know, it doesn't have to be spelled out. Jk. Of course I would want to be one of the greatest. I really hope I that I will be, it is my dream after all. Please do not label me as an arrogant person for saying so. In reality, I am kind-hearted person, not particularly obedient, but still kind-hearted and good in my opinion. Even though I do have a little bit of a temperament.

I would also love to work in multimedia one day, but I want to be a writer first of all.

Maybe I will add more to this deviantID some day. We'll see.

Stay creative,
- Lukas

Science Fantasy Stamp by DarkJediPrincess

Current Residence: The Bermuda Triangle, underwater
Favourite genre of music: Heavy rock, symphony, epic catchy symphonies
Favourite style of art: Writing (it is my number 1 favorite kind of art. Period.) | Drawing | Painting | Digital | Films | Multimedia | Etc.
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Favourite cartoon character: Bitey from the Brackenwood series by Adam Phillips
Personal Quote: "Liga!" - Ch-U-Ch | "Soldiers are made, warriors are born - Justin R. Stebbins



luka1184 has started a donation pool!
124 / 30,000
:wave: Hello there! Lukas Sprehn here :D Welcome to my userpage - and my highly overrated point donation.

Everyone who's open to help a fellow artist in need of points, please take the time to consider donating to me :)

I need these points in order to get the illustrations for the novel I am currently writing. It is a mystic sci-fi-fantasy-superhero story. No mediocore stuff, simply an epic tale of passion, divine powers and the struggle to save a whole universe... or perhaps more.

Check out the concept drawing, Thunderbrave (main character) Esepen Sætervik did for me. It's in my galery.

And thank you; every little single bit helps :D

:iconespenartman: is the one I intend to be the illustrator. He already agreed, but only if I can pay him. He takes 300 points for each day. And he spend 5 days on illustrations, and 2 days on concept art.

I'll be sure to spend them well! :D

Thank you for considering helping!

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Originally posted on tumblr (link)
O Ou'i arkavrohki laui azuya!
I wish you a happy birthday!
Literally “I - you - creation day - happy - wish”

Alternative: O Ou arkavrohki laui azuya-pa!
I wish your birthday is happy!
Literally “I - your - creation day - [happy  wish]-is!

A shorter alternative: Arkavrohki laui

#matoranlanguage #matoran #bionicle #organic #language #linguistics #worldbuilding #happybirthday #birthday

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